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GLCOF Fundraising Initiatives

Please contact GLCOF board member and fundraising lead, Chad Morris, for questions about any of these fundraising initiatives.
Chad may be reached at fundraising@glcof.com and at 214-284-0998.

The $127 Campaign

Most giving is 80% emotion and 20 % rational.  And the best way to get to someone’s emotions is to tell a story. – Unknown

This quote sums up why our season-long initiative this year is through crowdfunding. ​For the 2019 spring season, GLCOF is turning to crowdfunding to raise additional funds to help support needs like renting indoor practice space, hosting free youth clinics, new equipment and additional budget support for paying our amazing high school coaches.

​We are asking each Frisco Fury athlete to raise $127 dollars during the course of the spring season via an email and/or social media posts. The master Frisco Fury Lacrosse campaign page can be found at https://sportfunder.com/friscofurylacrosse. Each athlete or family will set up their own fundraising page under this campagin.

By setting up your own player page, you can best engage family and friends with meaningful emails and/or social media posts about why your daughter loves playing lacrosse and why it's important to her to raise her part of the collective $15,000 goal.

Please refer to the "How To" link below for instructions on how to get started setting up your athelte's account.

Why $127?

$127 Campaign Q & A​


How to set up your $127 Campaign

Frisco Fury Donors Club

Would you or your business like to contribute to GLCOF in a big way? Starting spring 2019, the program is introducing the Frisco Fury Donors Club to raise larger-scale funding that will allow the program to enhance the lacrosse-playing experience and program for all Fury atheltes.

​Check out the Frisco Fury Donors Club levels here.