Hello ladies!  Coach Pam and I could not be more excited to be a part of the Frisco Fury family and get this chapter started!!  We are going to continue to build on your talent and hard work to become the best and most prepared lacrosse team that we can be.  Performance training will be a huge part of our success....and trust me, we will have a lot of success!  

Beginning July 5th, we will be offering six (6) weeks of optional (though strongly recommended) performance training for our High School players through Frisco’s Lacrosse Athlete Development Program.   I have worked with Coach Q for five years and I know your work with him beginning in July and continuing throughout the season will help take us to where we want to go on the lacrosse field and off.  We know just how talented you are and we believe that through Coach Q's training you will gain the competitive edge needed to take our game to the next level.  

Through this training your body will gradually build up strength and endurance.  Your skill levels, motivation and confidence will collectively improve.  You will learn mental resilience and better understand the importance of having a healthy body and mind.  The stronger and faster we are, the better we will be, and also the mental benefits of this training will help you in many different aspects of your life.  

We cannot wait to see how you all thrive in the training before we begin fall ball.  Spring 2022 starts NOW.  What are you going to do to improve and help us be successful?

Get excited, ladies!  It’s going to be an amazing ride!  Now let’s get to work!!  

Click here to sign up.

Coach Amy & Pam




The GLCOF Board understands that families may experience financial hardships that prevent them from being able to pay the seasonal dues.  This application form has been created in order to communicate the request for financial assistance.  All obtained information will be kept confidential. Financial assistance is reviewed on a case-by-case and seasonal basis.  A decision on financial assistance will be given within 7-10 business days of the application submission.