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To complete registration, your player will need a US Lacrosse # valid thru December 15, 2021.  If your players membership expires mid-season you will be prompted to renew during registration.  If you are new to the sport, visit www.uslacrosse.org to become a member.  This is a requirement of all players in our league.  Membership is annual and is $30 for the youth and $35 for High School.  When asked for home program, choose The Girls Lacrosse Club of Frisco under the letter "T". Once you have your number return here to register your daughter!  

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The Girls Lacrosse Club of Frisco recognizes that, from time to time, players may need to withdraw from a sport due to unforeseen circumstances.  Registration fees are based on a variety of costs determined by the total number of teams and number of players registered on each team.  Because many of these costs must be paid in advance, player withdrawals still result in a cost to GLCOF. 

As such, we have adopted the following policy for refunds to accommodate people whose plans have changed while maintaining the financial responsibilities associated with the sports season:



ON OR BEFORE 08/23/2021
100% Less $30 Processing Fee
AFTER the earlier of 1st practice or each payment installment
No Refund

                                                               * Refunds will be given at the discretion of the Board.  

Refunds for payments already made will not be given for any periods in which the Club, League or any appropriate governmental or health officials mandates or recommends a suspension in practices or games as the result of any pandemic, other outbreak of disease or any other condition or event which adversely impacts any areas in which the Club holds games or practices.  If registration was paid in full, you will be refunded for any installment that has not yet become due.  




The GLCOF Board understands that families may experience financial hardships that prevent them from being able to pay the seasonal dues.  This application form has been created in order to communicate the request for financial assistance.  All obtained information will be kept confidential.  Financial assitance is reviewed on a case-by-case and seasonal basis.  A decision on financial assistance will be given within 7-10 business days of the application submission.